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Core of Humanity

If we want to change the world, we need to start with education and young people are the future, so we invest in them. We invest in our children to change the world, one child at a time.

"Compassion is the core of humanity"


Core of Humanity is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that educates children, supports socio-economic activities and environmental conservation in the hardest areas of Kenya-East Africa.

We transform worlds of people living in abject poverty by providing education support, life skill training and livelihood skill development.

Core of Humanity responds to the core needs of people living in the poorest and hardest places in Kenya.

Our Projects

Education Sec

In Kenya only about half of primary school graduates transition to high school. This means...

Social Economic

Core of humanity supports poverty alleviation programs through working with the local communities


Climate change in Africa is an unaddressed area and a big crisis as it is in the whole world


With education and psychological support, we change the narrative, we impart hope in the children and give them an opportunity to unlearn their limitations.


These pictures show our journey from 2013 when our CEO first encountered these children that motivate her charity work. They could not get education without a well-wishers involvement. We journeyed with them and they are now teenagers supported by COH in their high school and/or college education.

Virginia Penina and Florence in 2013

Above is Virginia, Penina and Florence in 2013 when they first met our CEO who promised to sponsor them to get education in the future. On the right, is the same girls at the same place and same posture 10 years later, now sponsored by COH. A dream came true, 10 years later.

Joyce in 2013
Virginia Penina and Florence now

On the left is Joyce Ndanu in 2013, when our CEO promised to support her education in the future. On the right is Joyce Ndanu at the same place 10 years later, 2023, now a student in Masinde Muliro University sponsored by COH. Joyce had to repeat her final high school year 3 times hoping to eventually find help to join the university. A journey of hope, courage and patience.

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