Sammy Mbare

Board Member
sammy mbare

Sammy is a Mental Health and Psychosocial Counsellor with more than 15 years’ experience working with NGOs in Kenya and South Sudan. He has worked with organizations such as Regional Psychological Counsellors (RESCOU), Consolation East Africa, Article 19, Kenya Red Cross, World Lutheran Federation and Koinonia Community. In these organizations Sammy offered psychosocial support to the vulnerable groups in the society such as children and families living in the streets and refugees. He also a wide experience in social research.    Dealing with children from the poorest backgrounds means that we will be met with distressed and depressed children. Some are due to the effects of poverty, broken families or even lack of families. As a counselling psychologist, Sammy will help with advising on how to handle children that have lived in environments that have caused them mental distress.

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